Holiday lodges in The Gambian bush

New for the 2022/23 season we offer you a holiday at Birdnest Gambia lodge.

Birdnest Gambia is a small private Gambian lodge situated by Gunjur village on the edge of the Koonfung protected forest and set in the heart of the prestigious South Gambian Eco Development Area almost at the border with Casamance.

Around one hour from Banjul International Airport, we are in a region still untouched, off the beaten track and not in the traditional tourist area.

The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa, known affectionately as The Smiling Coast and with good reason. Just before your arrival at our lodge, you will cross a small local village, where children will greet you with big smiles and make you feel welcome to your destination.

Holiday at Birdnest Gambia lodge
Welcome to Birdnest Gambia Lodge
Holiday at Birdnest Gambia lodge

What’s on offer?

Because The Gambia has such rich and varied birdlife, we certainly attract birdwatchers. However, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday where you can immerse yourself in the local culture, then Birdnest Gambia lodge is the place to be.

The magic of the forest setting will give you a real perception of peace, and if you are lucky to be around during full moon nights you will experience even more of this great atmosphere that gives a special character to the lodge.

We are only two kilometres from a deserted beach so you can go fishing or just spend a lovely day by the sea! We can even provide you with a picnic basket for your lunch.

The lodge has communal areas with free WI-FI internet connection. Here you can relax, read a book check your emails or listen to some soft music.

Holiday excursions

See the Gambian nature by riverboat, one of the many things to do here and, perhaps, one of the most beautiful and relaxing. 

Leaving from the fishing village of Kartong, spend the morning or afternoon in a local dugout on the Alahein River, combine it with lunch at Dodou’s bar and your day is complete.

Visit a local reptile centre and learn about some of our snakes and lizards or enjoy the sunrise or the sunset on a kayak trip from Tanji.  This is a remarkable journey through the bolong following the mangroves, which are a relevant part of the Gambia ecosystem and the remaining natural habitats in the Country.

Maybe a day trip to see our nation’s capital is your kind of excursion. Because we use local guides we can also advise and organise trips to suit your budget and needs.

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