Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We understand you might have other questions that you’d like us to answer. If this Gambia frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) section hasn’t done the trick, please contact us here.

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Yes, there is FREE Wifi in the communal areas.

Yes there are some, we offer mosquito nets in our bedrooms and you should seek medical advice as to what precautions are best for you, such as anti-malarial tablets and sprays.

We recommend you drink bottled water while in the country.

Yes, in today's world having insurance is definitely a good idea.

Yes, for a small fee our cleaning staff will clean your clothes.

Not far, maybe 15-20 minutes walk away.

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is not required to enter The Gambia if you are arriving from the EU & UK. However, if you are planning to visit Senegal from The Gambia, you will be asked to show a valid yellow fever certificate at the border crossing.

The Gambia is known as "The Smiling Coast" and has warm and friendly locals. Crime against tourists is very rare and it is regarded as a safe destination to explore.  Other religions are accepted and allowed to practise freely, ie. Muslims and Christians celebrate their respective festivals together. Holidaymakers have for many many years enjoyed the wonderful climate and the relaxed atmosphere that The Gambia has to offer

Between November and June, The Gambia enjoys an average daytime temperature of around 30'.

The Gambia was a British colony until 1965 and as such English is the most commonly used language. It is still used for teaching in schools to this day!

Yes, however, if the photograph includes someone in it, you should ask their permission first.

You will need to take guidance from your insurance company and follow the self-isolation rules we have in place at Birdnest. Our team are available to assist you.

Our beach is just a 15-20 minutes walk away and can be described as deserted and idyllic.

Yes, you can charge your devices. We have 220-240v electricity at Birdnest.

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