Birdnest Gambia takes GDPR seriously. Including all the necessary measures in order to protect our clients’ information. The company’s user database is located on reliable, safe servers.

The European Union issued a new law on protecting data privacy. It’s the General Data Protection Regulation. More commonly called the GDPR. It came into effect in the EU’s 28 member states on May 25, 2018.

The law changes the rules for companies that collect, store or process information on residents of the EU. It requires more openness about their data and with whom they share it.

Recently, Birdnest Gambia updated its Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy. We made a full explanation of what data we collected. To whom we pass it. And how it works all together.

Birdnest Gambia has released an opt-in consent aligned with GDPR regulation. Upon request, the company is able to and will provide all the data it has collected on the specific user.

In compliance with regulation requirements, Birdnest Gambia has appointed a Data Protection Officer DPO. And a representative in the EU. Each EU resident can get in touch with our representative in case of questions about their personal data. Their complete contact information is available in the Privacy Policy on our Web Site.

Read a great article explaining this new regulation in simple terms.

Contact our GDPR officer here

Olivia Czartoryska

Via Concordia 11 – 6900 Lugano                                       
tel +41 78 980 06 67

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